Helpful Info


“Express what it means to be together in a family portrait forever.”

We suggest your family wear long-sleeved clothes, plain colours without patterns,

all in light or all in dark or neutral tones, to blend together as a group.

It is important for family portraits, that the faces stand out the most and the clothes

would only complement the faces. That way the attention will be on the faces.

You can bring along a few different outfits and we’ll see what looks best.

We ask the whole family to be dressed either formally or casually.

We suggest you wear your hair how you normally would. Do not try a new style -

you might not like it. A little extra volume in the ladies hair can look good,

as generally hair can look flat in a photograph.

Make-up needs to start with a good concealer under the eyes, followed with

matt foundation to eliminate shine.

Be sure everyone is well rested so that they can look as bright and relaxed as can be.

We’ll discuss with you the need for any change, when we‘re planning your portrait.

Everyone knows a family portrait is something they should have, but it often seems

too hard to arrange,

and the time has gone. Do not let the precious memories slip away.

Give us a call today and we’ll help you in every way we can, to create a portrait

that not only will decorate your home,

but memories that generations to come will be proud of.


“Capture the moment of beauty forever.”

At our studio we take great care in planning every portrait we create.

We also want you to enjoy the experience of being involved in creating your portrait.

For a more glamorous look we would suggest the bare-shoulder shot. We can provide the variety of clothing and accessories.

However, if your preference is a more formal or classical look, or you desire to be photographed in favourite outfit, we would welcome it.

If there is anything in particular – hats, jewellery, lingerie, furs, etc. that you would like to incorporate in your portrait, bring it with you.

You can also bring any CD’s with your favourite music that will relax you.

The make-up can be done by a make-up artist who we can book for you, or you can do it yourself. If you do your own make- up,

please consider the following points:

The centre points of interest in a glamour portrait are the eyes and the lips. Apply two coats of mascara on both upper and lower lashes.

Make sure that the eyes and lips balance each other. Lipstick colors should harmonise with clothing.

Facial blemishes, dark circles under the eyes, etc. can be covered up with the use of concealers and foundations in a skin-shade matching your make-up.

Finally, set the foundation with face powder. Bring all your make-up with you, in case any minor modifications are required.

You can wear your hair in the style you like, we ask you to have it freshly washed and shiny, when you visit the studio.

Because of this planning, your completed portrait will be superb.